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Hello Dream-MC Players,
We will be resetting KitPvP, OPPvP, and Factions in the near future and are looking for suggestions on how to make them better. There have been many suggestions made on the forums but we would like the suggestions for these 3 servers to be placed within the post below.

Thank you :)

Jarvesville Electronzum Please post this in the link that was in the bottom of the announcement. Link:

Wrap Up - May

Lme999 a posted Jun 2, 17

Hey! This past month we went over some big resets on Dream-MC's most popular game modes.

The updates are in order of newest to oldest:

  • Prison: Fixed heal/disposal signs not working.
  • SB-Ice/SB-Lava: Updated block values of emerald, gold and diamond.
  • Store: Released the Colored Signs pack that allows players to use colors on signs.
  • Global: Updated /rules links on all servers. Screen-sharing also no longer exists.
  • Survival: Increased maximum claimable blocks to 7.5k
  • Factions: Disabled /trade
  • OP-Factions: Enabled tags! Enabled the Ocean and Spring tag packs.
  • Survival: PvP disabled in the nether.
    - New land claiming system (/claimtool)
    - Achievements/challenges (/challenge)
    - Casino
    - and more!
  • Added a allowed mods list:
  • All grass/passive spawners no longer need grass to spawn.
  • SB-Lava/SB-Ice: Updated Cactus selling price.
  • Global: Fixed /balance.
    - New world, 1.7 TNT mechanics and updated PvP.
    - Casino with rock paper scissors, jackpots and a better coin flip.
    - Updated supply crates and lag fixes!
    - Casino with rock paper scissors, jackpots and a better coin flip.

    - A new trading system with /withdraw
  • Factions: Updated Factions Top to include spawners.
  • SB-Lava/SB-Ice: Updated spawner changing prices.
    - Casino

    - Nether can be claimed, the end cannot be claimed.
    - Natural spawners have been disabled.
    - Lots of lag fixes.
    - Gen buckets
    - 1.7 TNT mechanics.
    - +More!
    - New spawn area

    - New donor rank: Ruby
    - Lucky blocks, every 1,000 blocks mined a lucky block will spawn!
    - Pets
    - Backpacks
    - Enchanter update
    - PvP mine, a special mine with PvP enabled.
    - Casino
    - Prestiges
    - Donor mines
    - Gangs
  • Updated all of the tag packs on the store to include pictures of how each tag looks in-game.
  • Many rule changes, please view our main rules document at:
  • Many bug fixes!


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Xx_DarkMoons_xX Also xp mining is still happening a lot
Xx_DarkMoons_xX hey people i am new my names Iris and the lag is really bad so please fix that
wales260900 Can the lag issue be addressed ASAP its a huge concern for players mainly on factions and I believe it needs attention. ...